02The Studio

GR-ink is an independent graphic design studio founded in 2010 and based in Luxembourg.

We design for paper and screen. We draw inspiration from different vibes, hills and seas, classic and contemporary architecture, people (maybe you) and everyday life. Out of this we develop ideas, collect shapes, colors and materials; then we compose.

We highly value the aesthetics in general and believe in the atypical. Our concern and motivation is to create art while giving clear messages.


_ Print Design
_ Web Design
_ Corporate Design
_ Editorial Design
_ Branding


Besides the custom work for diverse projects, we sometimes have an urge to realize boundless ideas. We currently have some limited editions of posters and bags which are available at our online-store: www.store.gr-ink.eu
You can find all our current prints available in limited editions. The shipping is free for Luxembourg. At a purchase of more than one print, the shipping is free for Europe as well. Enjoy.


3, um Haff

Phone: (+352) 26 87 04 89
e-Mail: info@gr-ink.eu